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Food and Health

This is just a short post of a video I came across whilst scrolling through YouTube. Alternative health always gets differing opinions but this video really caught my eye. You can check it out below:

Essentially the video is going over different food choices as more and more evidence is coming out stating that our diet can cause problems such as diabetes. Whether or not you agree, it is quite an interesting watch.

Finding A Quality Hair Transplant Portland Oregon Surgeon ?>

Finding A Quality Hair Transplant Portland Oregon Surgeon

Finding a good hair transplant surgeon can be time-consuming. Educational background, experience, talent, medical training and skills of a surgeon greatly contributes in giving you a safe and naturally looking result. So how do you end finding the right transplant surgeon with all above qualities in Oregon for your service? Here are few tips to help you.

Membership in International Society of Hair Restoration Society

Hair transplantation is a highly specialized field of cosmetic surgery, so look for the list of medical doctors who are members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Society. Go for hair transplant Portland Oregon surgeons who are current and relevant in all their skills, and membership to this society validates this through their continuing quality improvement and education for professionals in the field of medical hair restoration surgery.

surgeon performing hair transplant
hair restoration surgeon


Recommendations of people who have already had hair restoration in Portland is a big help. The family physician who is part of the medical fraternity in the city can also help in finding good surgeons.


It is necessary to know how many years of experience the surgeon has. It is likely that the surgeon should have experience of at least 10-12 years in hair restoration procedures. One should also check with the surgeon’s license validity. Besides, he is expected to perform only transplantation and no other cosmetic surgery procedures. Don’t hesitate to ask for the previous client list of the doctor. If needed, talk to them in person to see the outcome of the surgery and also their experience with the same. This will give you almost a real time feel of the surgery apart from ensuring the surgeon’s capability.

One on One consultation

One should have a clear impression of the techniques the surgeon could perform. The two chief techniques followed across the world are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Not all surgeons can perform both hair transplant procedures; many surgeons can only carry out FUT. Thus, one should sit for a one to one appointment session with the surgeon and get a clear idea about his expertise in diverse domains. He/she should also ask about the post and pre-operative services offered by the surgeon’s team and find out the planning strategy of the surgeon so as to decipher if he actually works according to an individual’s specific condition or goes by a set strategy for all. .A great way to get the best hair transplant surgeon is to gather as many choices as possible, round the list up into three names, and personally, consult with each one. Sometimes, former patients who blabber negative things about their hair transplant surgeon may be acting exaggeratedly so don’t easily be swayed by a single remark or opinion. If more than 5 patients is saying the same thing, then the criticism might be true.


Success rate

The success rate of the hair transplant Portland Oregon surgeon is reflected in the percentage of hair growth achieved by his or her patients. Many surgeons offer to replace the grafts that do not show hair growth free of charge at a later date. Find out if the surgeon offers the same.


While checking out and comparing the rates and charges, shortlist those that fit into the budget allocated for the hair transplant. Out of these, look for the most highly qualified and experienced surgeons, and find out details about their expertise. Good surgeons will always have patients willing to vouch for them. Patient reviews and reports give a lot of insights about the procedure and the common hair problems one might face.


While medical tourism has picked up and people travel to Asian destinations like India, Thailand, Pakistan for transplantation surgery to save money and get good treatment, hair transplants ought to be carried out in your place of residence for practical reasons. This helpful in a number of ways. Firstly, you do not have to leave your comfort area since you are familiar with your city of residence, especially when hair restoration in Portland already exists. A transplant is still a surgery after all, and there is a possibility that you might need to make multiple trips before and after the procedure for further consultation, take advice whenever there is discomfort, and above all, have easy access to the doctor. Traveling thousands of miles does not make economic sense at all, especially if a problem arises and the journey has to be undertaken time and again.