Flying Spaghetti Monster Joins God in Heaven, Blogging

Allow Me to introduce Myself. I am the hopefully not copyrighted deity worhipped by a growing population of Pastafarians in the United States. I exist in the same way that God, Allah, and Zeus exist, but I taste better and come with meatballs.


The meatballs have strengthened My appeal among groups who shun other gods. Atheists, agnostics, and other rabble who did not fall for Jesus’ shtick are receptive to My noodly appendage. As a token of appreciation toward My constituents, I have commandeered the Blogroll of the Gods and added many atheist links, including the amazing auto-updating Atheist Blogroll itself.

Disclaimer: Like all gods, I show Myself to the world slathered in many different sauces. The seasoning I have taken on here should not be confused with that on My official website, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, any more than God’s presence on this blog should be associated with His representation in the Vatican.

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17 Responses to “Flying Spaghetti Monster Joins God in Heaven, Blogging”

  1. Excellent :-) Great blog

  2. Outstanding! Thanks.

  3. I love FSM.

  4. Nice to find you here. Long time fan, first time worshipper.

    …and don’t let them tell you you’re a ‘monster’. That’s just them there athiests talking out of their biased, ramen-free hats. You’re perfect and lovely just the way you made you.

  5. Question oh mighty one: can someone like myself who is not allowed to eat pasta for medical reasons still worship your greatness and join the Pastafarians?

  6. u guys r retarted get a life

  7. and email the gods hahahaha do they respond?

  8. o shit i just got an email from jesus and ghandi

  9. WOW, flying spaghetti monster?? more like flying sack of shit. the flying ziti monster is where its at!

  10. You guys got it why would god invent the world why not a FSM I love the idea you can now say you got a Pastafarian in canada and no were not retards we laft at you retards who think god invented the world who created that? do you know? what tells you this is not true u have no idea.

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  13. now see, this type of stuff really doesn’t make sense

  14. Heeya, I was reading one more issue about this on one more blog a couple of minutes ago only. Interesting viewpoint you have in contrast to the other 1 I read earlier but hey, it is your opinion in any case. – And I’m leaning a lot more towards yours, lolz. :)

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